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April 2016

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A © 2016 SLACK Incorporated Introduction MPN Updates is a digital publication that fo- cuses on current research and standards of care for patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs). Each issue invites the reader to learn more about diagnosis and treatment options, including emerging therapeutic agents, as well as the impact MPNs have on patients. As with any type of cancer, patients with MPNs need physicians, nurses and other sta members who will openly communicate with them and their loved ones about the disease. From diagnosis to rst-, second- or third-line treatments, the well-informed patient is more likely to be an active and willing participant in his or her own care. However, e ective com- munication begins with the physician. is issue of MPN Updates focuses on en- hancing communication strategies between physicians/sta members, patients and care- givers, with a goal of creating a more reas- suring experience for patients with MPNs. IN THIS ISSUE: MPN Updates ISSUE 4 | VOL 2 | APRIL 2016 This newsletter is produced by SLACK Incorporated through a third-party independent grant by Incyte Corporation. 14 10 2 Knowing what to expect with an MPN is paramount 5 The MPN diagnosis: striving for the ideal patient visit Patient profi le Life expectancy of patients with MPNs: Outlook improving 9 Calendar of MPN events

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